ODESI ECOB executive team has more than 15 years experience in property softwares. Today, we have most comprehensive out-of-box property solution platform running on latest web technology. It is a complete, fully integrated end-to-end property application solution for the strata and property management industry.


A web-based solution designed to ease the communication between the Commission of Buildings & STRATA scheme stakeholders. ODESI eCOB is a centralized hub that holds all data related to STRATA Areas of Development to assist the COB, JMB’s & MC’s in managing, monitoring & rating STRATA Properties.

STRATA Info Submission

Committee Details Submission

AGM Submission

Owner & Tenant Details Submission

Monthly Financial Submission

Star Rating by COB


A high-level, web-based solution that acts as a file storage & sharing system. ODESI DMS challenges the issue of document impairment and file allocation by synchronizing a secure online environment where JMB’s & MC’s may upload & access documents anywhere in real-time. Record & obtain documents effortlessly & watch as productivity soars through this guaranteed organizing system.

Notifications & Archive

Document Sharing & Indexing

Auto PDF & Send via Email

Templates Management

System Integration with eCOB

User Management & Access-Level Rights

Document Prefix Management

Document Folders & Categories

Odesi Enforcement

A module of the eCOB solution, ODESI Enforcement is a debt collection platform where JMB’s & MC’s may request assistance on issues in regard to outstanding payments.

Notice letters

Request & issue form 11 through an integrated platform

Letter of Demand

Access a panel of professional lawyers & appropriate documents

Consultation Services

Request for consultation on matters related to dispute resolutions & legal proceedings


What is this?

A Cloud-Based accounting system tailor-made for STRATA Properties. ODESI Count is fully integrated with ODESI eCOB to allow both ease of data submission as well as full transparency between the Commission of Buildings & STRATA Properties.

Water Meter Reading

Separate & Bulk Billing

Full Set Accounting

Email Notification

Ownership History


Owner & Tenant Management

Auto-Generation of Recurring Billing


A seamless & secure online virtual meeting room that empowers JMB’s & MC’s to easily run their AGM’s. Conduct your AGM’s effectively & efficiently while still staying fully compliant to all SOP Guidelines.

Proposal Submission

Voting System

Q&A Space


Appoint Proxies



An online marketplace that allows users to collaborate with vendors in a secure online environment 24/7. ODESI Serv is a one stop shop for JMB’s & MC’s to search for services to maintain their homes anytime, anywhere.


Work Posting

Archive Database

Vendor Rating System


New & Ongoing Contract History

Odesi Life

The All-In-One community portal & mobile solution. This platform connects JMB’s & MC’s with fellow residents only to bring them closer together. ODESI Life enables residential communities to access critical information, view & perform monthly billings, book facilities & manage their visitors.


Book Facilities & get access to critical info with a click of a button


View, track & pay bills with ease


Deal with your visitations or call for emergency services


Connect with 3rd Party Vendors to maintain your buildings


Get in contact with fellow residents through built-in group chat